The name Maksimir refers to several things:  it’s one of Zagreb’s neighborhoods, football stadium, park and a Zoo which forms part of the park’s territory. Located in the eastern central part of the city, Maksimir was primarily a park. Founded in 1787 on the outskirts of the city, Maksimir Park was the first large public park in South-Eastern Europe named by Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovec. Today it is surrounded by many of the city’s neighborhoods and offers large selection of family houses and urban villas. Area around the Maksimirska street is an area of dense commercial and residential usage, while the northern parts of the district are hilly, residential areas, with no high-rise buildings. Well known parts of the district Maksimir are: Srebrnjak, Laščina, Ravnice, Rebar, Oboj, Bukovac with Gornji Bukovac and especially Remete. Loved for its greenery and proximity to the city center, Maksimir is definitely one of the most popular residential districts suitable for families and students due to a number of faculties and schools contained there.


The oldest public park in Zagreb forms part of the city’s cultural heritage with its flora, fauna and historical monuments. As you walk, you will discover Swiss House in stylized rustic architecture, the Echo Pavilion – only remaining one of ten similar pavilions that were placed in the Forest-park Maksimir during the 19th century, Chapel of St.George, and the park’s most prominent site and the centre from which paths bisect and around which the park’s main areas are gathered – the Gazebo also known under the name „Kiosk“. In Remete, old middle-age village, there is Church of the Assumption of Mary built in 12th century by the Paulines, the second most important Marian pilgrimage in central Croatia. Along Maksimirska street, old craft workshops and numerous villas with the signature of the most important architects, with the whiff of the former elegance desperately guard the traces of their shine trying to resist the tooth of time that reached them.


No need to count numerous acitivities one can perform in such an area as Maksimir is – walking by the lakes in park, running, reading on a bench in the shade of trees, going to the Zoo or simply having a family picnic – it’s up to you. Zagreb’s Zoo also forms part of the park’s territory, located in the southern part of Park. The Zoo is home to 2,225 animals representing 275 species, including snow leopard, red panda, okapi, addax, scimitar oryx, North China leopard, common chimpanzee, Diana monkey, wisent, pygmy hippopotamus, and Bactrian camel. 1 km from the park is Maksimir Tennis Center. For football fans here is Maksimir stadium which often hosts national and international games, but also a location where rock concerts take place.


Maksimir park is home to a range of cultural, artistic and social events, especially in summertime. A belvedere with a cafe is usually crowded during the weekends yet the park’s pavilions, gazebos and sculptures still contribute to its romantic atmosphere. If you get hungry there are some great restaurants and pizza places in the area as Skender and Pizz’up in Remete, Steak house Opatija on Bukovačka street, Duksa, Ab Ovo and Konoba Dida near Maksimirska street, and the place where you can smell the spirit of old Zagreb – Pod mirnim krovom. For those who have a sweet tooth, in Ravnice is the oldest chocholate manufactury in south-eastern Europe, Kraš, and after tasting the best candy in region, have a relaxing cup of caffee in Dvorište or Park café.