1. introduce the ORDERER to the third party for the purpose of contract signing for the commissioned transaction,

2. inform the ORDERER about the estimated market value of the property as well as the average market price of a similar property,

3. check the documents proving the ownership or any other proprietary rights on the subject property,

4. perfom the necessary actions for the presentation of the property and the real estate market, advertise the property in an appropriate manner,

5. act as mediator during negotiations as to achieve the signing of the agreement,

6. keep confidential the personal data of the ORDERER and, upon the written request of the ORDERER, keep as business secret the data referring to the property in question or in connection with the property or transaction commissioned,

7. inform the ORDERER/LESSEE about any conditions relevant to the potential transaction he knows about or he is expected to be acquainted with.


1. The AGENT is entitled to the broker’s fee even in case the Lease Agreement for the aforementioned property between LESSEE and the person introduced to him by the AGENT having been drawn up without the presence of the AGENT,

2. The ORDERER is not obliged to start negotiations regarding the commissioned legal transaction with the third person introduced to her by the AGENT nor is he obliged to conclude it, but he is liable for the damage if he failed to act in bona fide, in which case he shall cover all the expenses for the brokerage services, but these expenses cannot exceed the amount of broker’s fee.

3. In case of the signing of the Agreement between the parties introduced by the AGENT after this Lease Agency Agreement has been terminated, the ORDERER/LESSEE shall pay the total broker’s fee to the AGENT pursuant to the provisions of Article 2 of this Agreement.

6.1 This Agreement comes into force at the date of its signing.

7.1. All disputes between the ORDERER/LESSEE and the AGENT will be settled amicably. Failing that the District Court for the City of Zagreb is the competent body in court cases.


Agency as a company authorised to provide brokerage services in real-estate transactions shall sign a brokerage agreement with all the parties involved in a given transaction. The said agreement shall state the following brokerage fees.


Lease/rent period Agency’s brokerage fee:
up to 3 months 30 % of one monthly rent
3 months – 1 1 equals to number of months spent in lease
1-5 years 100 % of one monthly rent
more then 5 years 150% of one monthly rent

Agency’s brokerage fee is the same for the lessor and for the lessee and it shall be paid upon the signing of the Lease Agreement or within 5 days of the signing of said Lease Agreement at the latest.

Please note that VAT will be added to the above mentioned fees.

Additional services like property management, cleaning and maintenance, transport from airport to a hotel, moving and similar shall be agreed upon separately with a client.


Both the seller and the buyer pay an agency’s brokerage fee in the amount of 2% of the agreed sales price for a sale of a real estate.

The seller and the buyer shall each pay the amount of 1% of the agreed sales price immediately on the day upon the signing of the preliminary sales contract, and they shall pay the remaining amount (1%) on the day of the signing of the final sales contract.

Please note that VAT will be added to the above mentioned Agency’s fees.