Trnje is a city district of a wider center of Zagreb situated at plain, northern shore of Sava River. This lowland area, now virtually completely urbanized, has been flooded many times in the past until the construction of the embankment, so the present-day settlements were built relatively late, in the second half of last century. It was amalgamated into the city mainly for the purpose of housing people needed for Zagreb’s industrial sector expansion and the houses there were built rapidly, randomly, without any planning. Today this is exactly what makes the neighborhood unique and inspiring. Every house is of a different size, different style and in a different stage of renovation. New and modern buildings have only been undergoing construction in recent years.  South of Donji grad or downtown across the railway, east of Trešnjevka and west of Peščenica, several neighborhoods have found their unique spot: Cvjetno naselje, Kruge, Martinovka, Savica, Vrbik, Zavrtnica and Sigečica.


Trnje area hosts various important national and educational institutions among which the most famous is Lisinski Concert Hall,  named after the composer of the first Croatian opera. This exceptionally aesthetically and acoustically designed temple of music offers an impressive number of world-class concerts and performances by top international soloists and ensembles, biggest names in pop and jazz and also organizes film premieres, exhibits, and is often the host to international congresses and meetings. HRT (Croatian National Television) at Prisavlje street and the nearby National and University Library holding approximately 3 million artefacts have also found their home here. In Vukovarska Street you can visit The Croatian Railway Museum and view railway vehicles, machinery, devices, archive materials and other connected with the beginnings and development of the railway system in Croatia. In the very heart of Trnje, south of The Concert Hall, you will discover the magical water attraction –  Fountains – dancing their theatrical piece in various colors and skillfully following corresponding rhythms.


Full of little parks and green areas between the neighborhood buildings, Trnje offers long walks in peace and tranquility. In the vicinity of the Main Bus Station there is Society for Sports Recreation Trnje, open and accessible for all age groups with continuous and developmental, health and socially justified, effective programs for each individual. Many gyms have opened recently, most popular being situated in Green Gold center, Strojarska business center and in Kruge area. Club de boules Zrinjevac offers four bowling tracks, a sports section for basketball, soccer, badminton and volleyball, but also provides opportunities for holding concerts, fairs or TV shows and it has hosted many events of particular importance to the Zagreb and Croatian economy, such as flower show (FLORAART) and wine (Croatian Wine) fairs.


Some would say Trnje is a place where time stands still, a place where the famous „Rockets“ buildings remind of the gone days when Socialism was experiencing its golden era. Here you will see houses which are literally falling apart, as well as the renovated mansions with impeccable gardens, all standing side-by-side. Some of the most important Zagreb’s streets pass through Trnje – Slavonska Avenue, Vukovarska Street and Marina Držića Avenue. There is a large number of high education institutions in the district – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Faculty of Teacher Education and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB). During the past year Sigečica area with its part of Radnička Street has become one of the most important, fast-growing business districts in Zagreb. Trnje is a place one can discover many delicious places to eat, such as TPK for best grill; Pri Zvoncu – almost rural idyll surrounded by greenery; Istrian restaurant Laganini; Lobby – a catering mansion located in the lobby of the business tower; Bosnian restaurant Mostovi, Rougemarin with delicious burgers; Chinese restaurants along Radnička Road. The possibilities are numerous. For a late drink or a night out, visit Kset, Urnebes, Leggiero, Katran & Depo or the legendary Močvara.