At the foothill of Zagrebačka gora, along the upper part of the Medveščak creek valley lies an area called Ksaver. From Jurjevska street in the west, it descends cascading down to Gupčeva zvijezda in the east. For the first time mentioned in 1647, it owes its name to the Jesuits who named their summerhouse in Medveščak in honor of St. Francis Ksaverski. The residents of Ksaver have at their service one of two cableways in Zagreb, which was, due to the location of this area and the height of the hill, welcomed with joy.


The Jesuits of Zagreb once had their mill in that part of the town and raised the famous pilgrimage of St. Francis of Ksaver – the processions passed through Gradec, across Kaptol and came to Ksaver. Today, the church in the monastery of the same name is surrounded by the garden of St. Francis of Ksaver, one of the oldest monuments of landscape architecture in Zagreb. The monastery has a library that counts 14,000 titles. On the northern part of the parkland is another one – Mallin Park, which hides two huge sequoia trees planted more than 150 years ago. In Mallinova Street there is Šenoa House – a synonym for cultural heritage created by family members of the celebrated Augusta Šenoe.


Mallin’s Park is an ideal place for walking and relaxing under the oldest sequoia tree in the city. Behind Jurjevska Street, towards Tuškanac area, there is a famous excursion site called Cmrok where one can go for a sledding run in the winter. In addition to long walks in the shade of trees, you can go to a gym, and snooker lovers will be thrilled as Ksaver is home to the first real snooker club in Croatia named Pot.


Ksaver offers life close to the city center, but away from the city crowds. It is very well connected by public transport. Ksaver is a home to the Ministry of Health, the Medical Research Institute, the State Protection and Rescue Administration and several recognized polyclinics. Though Ksaver is not a gastronomically notorious area, you can still come across a modern blend of food, drinks and hedonism in Apetit or an excellent barbecue at the Food Point. After having a good meal, your thirst will quickly be quenched by home-brewing craft beer in Mlinarica.