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Centar-Medulićeva-BRAND NEW BUILDING-S9-luxurious 3 bedroom apartment with a balcony

  • 125.07 m2
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938,025.00 € cca 7,067,549.36 Kn 7,500.00 €/m²
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Description of property

Luxury boutique building “Medulićeva residence”  which spreads over 5 floors and has 16 apartments, made in accordance with the highest standards in construction. It is located near Rok’s Park. The Medulićeva redidence pays homage to the traditional Lower Town aristocratic apartments in a modern and contemporary way. The apartments are equipped with sophisticated Swiss technology of heating, cooling and air conditioning. The most modern systems of lighting, automation of management, supervision and safety, waste disposal, home charging of electric cars and maintenance – zero carbon emission have been installed.
Available 3-bedroom apartment S9 on the 3rd floor with a total net area of 135.29m2 with a balcony oriented to the east and west.
It consists of an entrance area,  living room and a kitchen, pantry, guest toilet, hallway, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a balcony.
HEATING, COOLING AND DHW PREPARATION SYSTEMThe preparation of hot / cold water as a heating / cooling medium and the preparation of hot sanitary water is done using an air-to-water heat pump for each apartment separately. A system of pipes through which hot / cold water flows depending on the heating or cooling mode – ZEHNDER Nestsystem – is distributed through the ceilings and, if necessary, through the walls. In this way, there are no visible thermotechnical elements such as radiators or air conditioners inside the space. Heating / cooling with this system mimics natural heating / cooling processes where objects in the space are primarily heated or cooled and not the surrounding air, such as the sun in winter or a tavern in summer where cold stone creates a pleasant climate in the ZEHNDER Radiant Conditioning System. The outdoor units of the system are located on the common roof of the residence. In front of the large glass walls, fan coils are built into the floor integrated into the system to help maintain a favorable climate in critical areas. The system control for each room takes place separately via the ZEHNDER Control wall control panels.
VENTILATION, RECOVERY AND DEHUMIDIFICATION SYSTEMThe unique ZEHNDER ComfoAir / ComfoDew central recuperation system with dehumidification maintains optimal humidity inside the room. ZEHNDER ComfoDew integrated units located under the sanitary ceiling are an unusually important integral part of a favorable climate maintenance system, due to the dehumidification function in the cooling mode, thus preventing the occurrence of moisture condensation inside the room. The integrated fan coils additionally dehumidify the critical zones in front of the glass walls in cooling mode. The integrated ZEHNDER ComfoAir units located under the ceiling of the sanitary facilities ensure a sufficient number of air changes throughout the apartment so that the air is always purified from allergens from the outside environment and ensures a pleasant living atmosphere. Air supply and exhaust is provided by central ventilation ducts with openings at the highest elevation of the roof of the residence. The recuperation / dehumidification system is controlled via the ZEHNDER Control wall control panels, which also control the heating / cooling system.
THERMAL BENEFITBy using high-quality materials in the envelope of the residence, excellent thermal insulation is achieved, and with the selection of glazed elements with favorable energy values, conditions are created for a comfortable stay through all seasons with reduced need for reheating or cooling the space. The integrated ZEHNDER heating / cooling / ventilation system ensures superior ambient thermal comfort control with optimal energy consumption. Electric underfloor heating is present in the sanitary facilities. These parameters achieve a very low total energy consumption while achieving a high energy standard – A + energy class and Zero Carbon Emission.
LIGHTING SYSTEMLighting of all common parts of the residence is provided by the use of energy-efficient LED lighting controlled and controlled by daylight control sensors and presence sensors in individual rooms. All planned lighting elements of common areas and external architectural features are visually harmonized with the identity of the building, and technologically meet the highest design and environmental standards. The concept of lighting is harmonized with the needs of modern housing, providing a pleasant living environment and the necessary lighting of certain specific spaces. Lighting of all apartment ceilings with integrated LED lighting controlled by wall switches and / or via the integrated ABB “smart house” system. Lighting preparation within residential units enables the implementation of modern lighting control and management systems with great interior flexibility. Light design concept of preparation for lighting of residential units, represents a departure from the standard notion of lighting as a purely decorative element, but treats lighting as a medium for a good perception of space and creating a pleasant environment.
ABB APARTMENT AUTOMATION SYSTEMBy installing the ABB free@home automation system (“smart house”), owners are offered the opportunity to manage their own space, either from the comfort of their own home or through an application from a remote location (phone, tablet, computer). The central control touch screen allows local control of apartment automation and access control. It is possible to control the intercom, lighting and blinds. The system is modular and can be extended with functions.
WASTE MANAGEMENTThere is a separated space at the end of the driveway, separated from the building, in the yard, for waste disposal. There is enough space for special containers for waste separation.
SECURITY24/7 video surveillance of all common areas and access, electronic access control. Intercom system integrated into the ABB control touch screen in the apartment. Notification of presence in the apartment on a mobile device via the ABB system.
GREEN ENVIRONMENTBy placing parking spaces for housing in the underground garage and a special design of the integrated car platform, the courtyard ground floor is relieved of unnecessary elements and thus offers freer communication enriched with green marginal zones of the ground floor. Achieved green islands also contribute to a favorable microclimate of the plot. The green terraces on the top floor also offer a continuation of the microclimate of the nearby Rok Park, 150 meters away. Large west terraces of each floor offer green islands as a separation zone but also the possibility of urban vegetable gardens for their own food growing in front of the kitchen. The choice of TRAVERTINO CLASSICO stone for the monolithic street canvas emphasizes sophistication and elegance, but also emphasizes nature as a source of life and materials.
LARGE GLASSING OF RESIDENTIAL SPACESIn order to achieve quality lighting of apartments, glass surfaces are large in size. Light-height windows of 173 – 213 cm, specially designed for this residence without external visible sash frames in glass-aluminum design. Sliding-lifting walls made of light-colored aluminum 259 cm high with recessed sill, so that the outdoor space is integrated at the same floor level with the interior. On the top floor, the clear height of the panoramic sliding rocks is 301 cm. The unbroken glass envelope of the top floor is a special whole indented from the outer envelope that rises above the City, surrounded by green gardens. Sun protection is provided by aluminum shutters to the west and “sun screen” protection integrated in the street facade canvas made of stone TRAVERTINO CLASSICO, whose natural beige color makes a perfect combination with colorful “sun screen” protections.
REPRESENTATIVE ENTRANCE SPACE AND VERTICAL COMMUNICATIONThe entrance area follows the reminiscent architecture of the lower town houses, shaped by a combination of stone – light – bianco polare / pietra del deserto / bianco perlino – dark – graffiti / nero marquinia. Refined design of other elements of the entrance space and vertical communication. New generation elevator – KONE MonoSpace – electric, gearless frequency regulated with a luxuriously equipped cabin.
HEIGHTS AND MATERIALSLiving room, rooms: light height from floor to ceiling 281 cm +/- 2cm. The last floor is 323 cm high, and the toilets: clear height from floor to floor. ceiling 250 cm +/- 2cm, interior joinery 220 cm high with soundproof wing and hidden hinges in matt white. Full-height sliding doors with hidden ceiling guides in the final version of American walnut veneer in matt lacquer are folded into the wall in a niche provided for that purpose. Anti-burglary-fire entrance door to apartments of high design standard. ONE-KEY-4-ALL system for all useful areas of the residence. Sanitary spaces made of porcelain tiles 120 x 60 IMOLA CERAMICA from the THE ROOM collection. LAUFEN SONAR washbasins in innovative SAPHIR ceramics. Bathroom furniture for washbasin LAUFEN SONAR with ceramic hob. Armature AXOR ME by Starck. toilette LAUFEN SONAR rimless, built-in cisterns TECE with odor drain, shower trays STONETO and / or made in ceramics with TECE drainprofil. Multi-layer parquet of high standard, terraces covered with IMOLA boards 2 cm thick on legs at the same level with parquet in the interior, terraces protected from view and / or sun from the west by a system of sliding shutters in combination with refined fencing elements, ABB peripherals.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONSLAN network UTP cat. 6 with distribution cabinet, optical infrastructure brought to the apartment. Control of blinds via wall buttons and mobile applications.
LIVING ROOM5 sockets, 1 antenna, 2 LAN ports, 1 spare tube at the TV seat, 2 sockets at the couch, 1 socket under the light switch.
MASTER BEDROOM3 sockets, 1 antenna, 1 LAN connection, 1 spare tube at the TV and / or desk seat, 4 sockets at the bed, 1 socket under the light switch, 1 free socket, 1 + 1 AC light switch at the bed.
OTHER BEDROOMS3 sockets, 1 antenna, 1 LAN connection, 1 spare tube at the TV and / or desk seat, 2 sockets at the bed, 1 socket under the light switch.
BATHROOMS2 sockets at the washing machine, 1 socket with cover (IP protection), separate activation of central lighting and mirrors, separate activation of ventilation.
KITCHENSSockets for: oven, hob, dishwasher, range hood, refrigerator, 3 free sockets above the worktop, lighting outlet above the worktop, activation on the luminaire.
HALLWAYS1-2 sockets, depending on size, Alternately turn on the lights as needed.
TERRACE1 socket with cover (IP protection)
MAINTENANCEThe residence is handed over with contracted maintenance and management by an authorized reputable company. The warranty conditions for the construction are transferred to the apartment owners in accordance with the law and valid customs in construction:- 10 years on the construction of the building- 2 years for all other construction and construction-craft works- 1 year on installed equipment and systems unless otherwise stated in the warranty sheets for individual equipment and systemsWarranty periods run on the day of the technical inspection of the building.Deviations from standardized equipment are possible due to technical possibilities of performance and adjustment to valid regulations and standards, as well as the availability of goods on the market. During the execution, deviations of up to 3% from the designed condition are possible.
There is a possibility of buying a garage parking space at a price of 3900 eur/m2.
More info available by personal enquiry.
Unique property on the market – the highest standard of living on a prime location – recommendation of the agency!
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Other information

  • Offer type:sale
  • Subtype:Flat in a new building
  • Transportation:Bus,Tram
  • Distance of transportation:5 min
  • Heating:Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system,Heat pump
  • Joinery:ALU
  • Orientation:East,West
  • Energy efficiency:A+

Premises related to realestate

  • Balcony

Description of the property

  • Close to the shop
  • City / town center
  • Large glass walls

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When talking of Zagreb, first think that comes to your mind is its center divided into Upper and Lower town made for strolling the streets, drinking coffee in the permanently full cafes, popping into museums and galleries, and enjoying the theatres, concerts, cinema and numerous parks.

Upper town is one of the oldest parts of town, it was in fact once a medieval city by itself.


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