Šalata is an upper-class residential neighborhood situated on the gentle slopes of Medvednica hills between Down town and Maksimir.  Once a village where farmers used to hold cattle and grow vegetables, the area got it’s name after green salad planted by Bishop Galjuf for the nutrition of retired priests and students. Because of its higher altitude, Šalata is praised for great views of the city, and due to its proximity to both the old city cores of Gornji Grad and Kaptol, and the current center, Donji Grad, real estate in Šalata is relatively expensive compared with other districts, which made it become home to many influential people from the political, musical and sports scene in Croatia. Due to its reputation, Šalata has been a prime location for embassies for a long time. Today, the neighborhood consists mostly of single-family homes or beautiful mansions in yellow facades and small three- or four-story luxury apartment buildings.


Šalata is regarded as one of the educational and scientific centers of Zagreb, so among schools and faculties, is a home of the Ruđer Bošković Institute located on Bijenička Street and another notable institute – the Croatian Institute for Brain Research, which is located on the grounds of the Šalata hospital in Mesićeva Street. If you are in the mood for seeing a good show there are 2 privately owned theaters in Šalata: Mala scena at the intersection of Grškovićeva Street and Medveščak Road, and Žar ptica on the far northern part of Bijenička Road. In this northern part is also a place heavily visited by tourists – the biggest cemetery in Zagreb, Mirogoj, a major work of its architect Hermann Bollé. Bollé is responsible for designing the magnificent arcades in Mirogoj and the cemetery contains sculptures of many prominent Croatian sculptors.


ŠRC Šalata (the Sports and Recreational Center) located in the southern part offers a large public swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and an outdoor soccer stadium that converts to an ice rink in the winter. Aside from the pools and courts, the center is equipped with a gym and a fitness club. Športsko društvo Medveščak, the association of 15 sport clubs most notable being ice hockey, basketball, swimming, handball, water polo and tennis clubs is based in ŠRC Šalata. When you get exhausted from working-out, take a walk and relax at the botanical garden “Fran Kušan” owned by the faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the University of Zagreb. The garden is located at the end of the quiet Schrottova Street and although only 24,000 m2 in area, it contains over 2,000 plant species worth seeing.


Situated at gentle hills surrounded by greenery and regarded as one of the educational centers of Zagreb, Šalata is made for family life. It hosts 18th Gymnasium, The Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium, Faculties of Science (Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Geophysics, Geology and Chemistry) and the Zagreb School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb. During the summer months, the ice skating rink in ŠRC Šalata is used as a venue for open air concerts hosting world-famous bands and singers but also Šalata Open Air Festival found it’s place here. There are several cafes within the sports center, very popular to have a drink at. As you walk down on Grškovićeva Road, you can try one of the best pizzas in town – Pizza kod Žaca; have a traditional lunch at Kod Pere; great barbecue at Ferenčina, and eat a delicious piece of cake at Torte i to on Babonićeva street.