Pantovčak, the neighborhood in which the Croatian President has its office, is a quiet residential street running uphill from British Square to Gornje Prekrižje. Referred to as being an elite part of Zagreb with many luxurious houses, apartments and residences of foreign diplomatic representations in the Republic of Croatia, it is most famous for the Presidential Palace situated within a spacious, horticultural design segment of Pantovčak forest park. Pantovčak neighborhood comprises of Hercegovačka street, Bosanska street, Kozarčeva street and Goljak, along with beautiful and green Zelengaj and Kraljevec area.


Named after its shape of a curvy path reminiscent of a long ribbon, Pantovčak is surrounded by greenery hiding magnificent old villas. By far most famous are Villa Zagorje and Villa Prekrižje which, connected by adjoining gardens, make the Presidential Palace – the official workplace of the President of Croatia. The main building, Villa Zagorje, was built in 1964 as a residence of Josip Broz Tito but lacked adequate office so in 1994 a new administration annex, with accompanying facilities was built. Villa Prekrižje, built in 1942 in Upper Prekrižje, serves for the purpose of holding official receptions, working meetings, and formal luncheons. In the immediate vicinity of the existing Villa Prekrižje lays the lot of land where Villa Weiss formerly stood before it was devastated by fire. Near the junction of Pantovčak and Hercegovačka street is a new parish church named after St. Quirinus, bishop and martyr from Sisak.


At the beginning of Pantovčak, British square offers lots of small cafés and open market, and on Sundays, antiques and bric-à-brac market. Go visit the Museum of Illusions where whatever you see is not what it appears to be. Lower parts of Pantovčak and Zelengaj area are full of small parks where one can walk and children can play. Upper parts are hilly and forested – forest park where the President’s Office is, expands over a 95 hectare that incorporates the area of ex-settlements: Upper and Lower Prekrižje, Vrhovec, Jelenovac and Pantovčak. Majority of the park area is an overgrown forest with trees and low vegetation, however a home to an array of endangered and protected species such as fallow deer, hinds, roe deer, mouflons, squirrels, foxes and peacocks.


Pantovčak is easy reachable as from British square it is just a 10-minute walk or 2 tram stations to Zagreb’s main square. Upper parts can be reached by car or bus which runs frequently. Near the St. Quirinus church there is Elementary school Pantovčak, a few grocery shops and lots of green areas so it is ideal for family life. All the cafes, restaurants and bistros are right down on Ilica street.